RB25DET DIRECT PORT METHANOL INJECTION - Devilsown is proud to announce direct port water methanol injection kits for the Nissan RB25 engine including the inlet manifold. The RB25 inline six cylinder manifolds are particularly prone to distribution problems due to their design. As the centre cylinders, 3 and 4, receive the most water methanol while the outside corner cylinders, 1 and 6, receive very little. Direct port solves the common distribution issues associated with single nozzle water methanol injection systems by placing a nozzle in each intake runner and allowing users the ability to precisely meter how much water methanol fluid is delivered to each cylinder.

Direct port injection is the PROVEN best method of secondary fluid injection regardless of what some say and try to push saying charge pipe and throttle body injection is better. 

Direct Port injection is the best way for secondary injection of any fuel.  Whether you are using the injection for in cylinder cooling or for supplemental fuelling to the Factory system.  Direct port injection alleviates the worry for fluid distribution issues from poor flowing inlet manifolds.

However, running a 7th nozzle in the charge pipe for IAT suppression is a good option.


LESS ENGINE KNOCK MORE BOOST – Poor quality fuel very often is the main performance hinderance of our engines. As car manufactures reduce the displacement of engines and use turbochargers to increase the engines output, today’s engines operate on the borderline between optimal efficiency and detonation. Our fuel is being pushed to its limits and struggling to support a combustion process free of engine knock, limiting us from running higher levels of boost and achieving the greater performance potential our engines are capable of. Water methanol injection immediately lifts the boundaries of what can be achieved on pump fuel and is becoming a common technique in today’s times for controlling engine knock, allowing for higher levels of boost and greater performance from our engines.

MORE FUEL MORE POWER - Performance enthusiasts looking to make more power know engines can quickly run out of fuel, limiting them from reaching higher levels of performance. Adding direct port methanol injection can provide additional fuel enrichment raising the ceiling and ability to make more horsepower vs the factory fuel system alone.


Kit Contents

• RB25 inlet manifold drilled & tapped (used)

• 6 cylinder direct port kit

• 6 x nozzles

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RB25DET direct port kit

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