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Check this kit out! It is perfect for those who want to use their own standalone ECU and not one of our DevilsOwn Water-Methanol  Injection Controllers or Pressure Switches.  It contains everything else you need to install a water methanol system. These kits are by far the best available!


Water injection systems prevent or suppress detonation. It works by spraying an extremely fine mist direct into the intake manifold at a pre selected boost pressure or in the case of naturally aspirated engines, a pre selected RPM.

Alcohol/methanol injection doesn't do the same things as NOS does. None of the same dangers. It is acting as an intercooler enhancer and octane booster. It can lower the cylinder temps or exhaust gasses by 300 degrees and makes 95 octane fuel basically look like 112 octane.

Fuel accounts for 70% of engine cooling and FACT Water absorbs SIX times more heat than fuel and evaporates instantly inside the intake manifold taking with it a great deal of heat, so you can imagine the massive cooling effect of water injection.


Ever noticed how well your car goes on a cold wet/damp evening well here's an interesting fact: on a rainy day, 1Kg of air at 25C contains about 33ml of water. A typical 2 litre turbo engine consumes over 200cc of water per minute at 6000rpm on a rainy day at 1 bar boost. That's not far off the quantities water injection normally operates at.


As we approach high tuning levels we will experience a considerable increase in cylinder pressure and temperature, but at the same time more power. Since we cannot raise the melting point of the pistons, we must find a way to control and keep the engine components from overheating. Having six times the latent heat of fuel and huge expansion rate from liquid to gas (single molecule of water – not droplets) water is the ideal substance to inject as a coolant. Having absorbed and dealt with the destructive heat, the by-product (superheated steam at x1400 volume increase) becomes an active partner in adding force to the downward pistons, Water is converting the extra heat energy for wheel power. Without water, the excessive heat must be transferred to the cooling system and lost into the atmosphere. Since the quantity of water injected is relative small compared to injecting some six times the amount of fuel to arrive at the same cooling property. To all intent and purposes, we are not advising anyone to go this far but the possibility is there and achievable. In most cases, one can venture into the extreme gently. Since water is free, it costs nothing to continue your quest for a highly efficient engine that produce far more power than the fuel dumping method.


From the table below, you will note that air at 0C contains almost 30% more oxygen per given volume, than air at 77C.

Air Temperature
Air Density
% increase of oxygen

0.9950 kg/m^3

1.113 kg/m^3
+ 12% oxygen

1.1614 kg/m^3
+ 17% oxygen

1.2763 kg/m^3
+ 28% oxygen

So if your car is tuned for say 12.0:1 fuel mixture (rich) for maximum power and the air going into your engine is at 77C, you might make say 241bhp @ wheels. Now if you could get that intake air down to 0C and still have your engine tuned at 12.0:1 fuel mixture, you will make 30% more power based simply on oxygen levels in the air = 241bhp @ wheels x 1.3 = 314bhp @ wheels. That’s a massive 73bhp increase!!! Now obviously, unless your using dry ice somewhere along your intake path, you won’t get the air to 0C, but that is just to give you an indication of the true effects of air temps and their relation to power output.

The kit allows you to run higher boost, advance ignition and lean out air fuel ratios.

The Devils Water Injection System is currently in use on the some of the fastest vehicles around, it has applications in drag, drift and circuit racing as well as on the street.

Alcohol does not cause any problems to your engine. It actually "steam" cleans the inside of your throttle body, intake, heads, valves, and exhaust!

Don’t buy a knock-of brand kit with cheap parts for you beloved car, unlike many other brands the Devils pump (Shurflo 8030 series) can run 100% methanol or alcohol as it's chemical resistant or run dry without getting damaged with its EPDM /Nylon valves, Santoprene diaphragm, and adjustable peek pressure from 150 to 300psi. It can also prime itself up to 8ft, so unlike others it doesn’t have to be gravity feed making a lot easier to mount, very handy when space is an issue. This kit only uses the highest quality parts.

Kit Contents

  • 300psi pump with EPDM seals
  • Allen key can be used to adjust water pump pressure
  • 15' of High Pressure Black Tubing
  • Injector (please supply engine cc & max boost + rpm so we can supply appropriate sizes).
  • Nozzle Holder
  • Heavy duty Nickel plated Check Valve
  • filtered self sealing tank tap
  • All fittings needed for installation
  • 10' of red and black wire



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Tuner kit

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