• 0-300psi pressure sensor

A pressure sensor can provide a great alternative to water/methanol flow sensors for budget applications or applications injecting water/methanol mixtures containing 50 % or more methanol.  These sensors accurately measure up to 300 PSI and can be connected directly to the general-purpose input.

Monitor and record water/methanol pressure to protect your engine by disabling boost control if pressure spikes (blockage) or drops (leak).



·         Input: 0-300 psi 

·         Output: 0.5-4.5V linear voltage output. 0 psi outputs 0.5V, 150 psi 2.5V, 300 psi outputs 4.5V 

·         Accuracy: +/-0.5%

·         Thread: 1/8" NPT 

·         Wiring: Red: +5V; Black: ground; Green: signal output 

·         Overload Capacity: 2-4 times of rated pressure 

·         Working Temperature: -40~+120 

·         Shock Resistant

·         Response Time: ≤1ms 

·         Insulation Resistance: >100mΩ 500VDC 

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0-300psi pressure sensor

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