DevilsOwn Nitro ™ is DevilsOwn proprietary blend of Nitromethane + Methanol and a specially developed emulsifier that keeps Nitro Booster equally distributed in the water-methanol mixture. This allows for a small percentage of nitromethane to be injected into the engine, in the correct proportion with air and fuel, to produce impressive increases in power. Nitromethane has fewer BTUs than petrol, but contains oxygen and acts like a chemical supercharger and an octane enhancer to safely increase power.

Nitromethane's chemical formula is CH3NO2. For comparison, petrol is typically C8H18. The oxygen in nitromethane's molecular structure means that nitromethane does not need as much atmospheric oxygen to burn -- part of the oxygen needed to burn nitromethane is carried in the fuel itself meaning on average it will make 2.3 times more power.

You need 14.6 kilograms of air to burn a kilogram of petrol, and only 1.7 kilograms of air for the same amount of nitromethane to burn. A cylinder can only hold so much air on each stroke, and with that amount of air you can burn 8.7 times more nitromethane than petrol.

**Price is for 1L bottle**

We recommend either running the mix pure if you have the fuel head room or as a chemical booster with no more than 30% water and not for long periods.


  • Comes in UK 1L containers for easy handling.

    *NOTE* DevilsOwn Nitro CAN NOT be shipped outside of the United Kingdom mainland.


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Devilsown Nitro mix

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