• Intercooler water spray kit

This kit is designed for all turbo/supercharged petrol or diesel vehicles, looking to Decrease DET & intake charge temperatures yet maintain or Increase BHP figures. These kits have been proven time and time again in street, race and drag applications. The kit contains all the components needed yet provides a simple and straight forward installation that doesn’t require you to be a mastermind mechanic or tuner to fit. These kits are by far the best available!


Intercooler water spray systems prevent or suppress detonation. It works by spraying a mist direct on to the intercooler.

FACT Water absorbs SIX times more heat than fuel and evaporates instantly with it a great deal of heat, so you can imagine the massive cooling effect of water spray kits.



From the table below, you will note that air at 0C contains almost 30% more oxygen per given volume, than air at 77C.

Air Temperature
Air Density
% increase of oxygen

0.9950 kg/m^3

1.113 kg/m^3
+ 12% oxygen

1.1614 kg/m^3
+ 17% oxygen

1.2763 kg/m^3
+ 28% oxygen

So if your car is tuned for say 12.0:1 fuel mixture (rich) for maximum power and the air going into your engine is at 77C, you might make say 241bhp @ wheels. Now if you could get that intake air down to 0C and still have your engine tuned at 12.0:1 fuel mixture, you will make 30% more power based simply on oxygen levels in the air = 241bhp @ wheels x 1.3 = 314bhp @ wheels. That’s a massive 73bhp increase!!! Now obviously, unless your using dry ice somewhere along your intake path, you won’t get the air to 0C, but that is just to give you an indication of the true effects of air temps and their relation to power output.

The Devils Water Intercooler System is currently in use on the some of the fastest vehicles around, it has applications in drag, drift and circuit racing as well as on the street.

Kit Contents

  • Pump
  • Bottle with bracket
  • On/Off swtich
  • Over 1 meter of clear Tubing
  • 2x Injectors.
  • Connections
  • Wiring
  • All fittings for instalation
  • Install Instructions with stickers.

Good upgrades for this kit are either our charge temp gauge, Self sealing float switch to warn when your low on fluid or our boost switch as a second activation switch.


Fitting service available

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Intercooler water spray kit

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