Our Pulse Series solenoids are ideal for applications which do NOT require the solenoid to be held open for long extended periods of time such as in diesel towing or MPG applications. This solenoid is intended for street/strip applications.  What makes this solenoid special is its small size, low amperage draw and ability to by cycled extremely fast making it ideal for progressive applications. Features include a large .125" orifice capable of flowing over 45 GPH @ 200 PSI with a maximum pressure rating of 300 PSI. Compare against the competitors’ valves and see the difference for yourself.   

Features Include:

  • .125" orifice
  • 300 psi max
  • EPDM plunger
  • 1/8 NPT female ports
  • Normally closed position
  • 16 gauge wire leads
  • Flows 45 gph @ 200 psi
  • Coil watts 9
  • Class "H" coil rating
  • Rated up to 355 degree's
  • Amperage draw .7 amps
  • Stainless steel valve body
  • Steel powder coated coil housing
  • Light weight plunger (5.9 grams)
  • Overall height 1.95"
  • Valve body diameter 1.00"
  • Coil housing diameter 1.03"
  • 20 minutes of continuous use recommended 
  • 100% methanol compatible 
  • Made in the USA

Special Notes:

  • Fittings are not included and provided as an option
  • Can be used with progressive controller and safely ran at 25 hertz @ 200 PSI, You may increase the hertz to 30 with lower pump pressure of 160 psi

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300psi pulse Solenoid

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