• -4AN metal tank tap

Innovative Design. Others source fittings are manufactured outside the USA. Their bulkhead fittings require goop to fix leaks when installed. That’s why they supply goop with them. Our Devilsown tank tap solves the issues and raises the bar for those other guys. We simply make the fittings quick and fast to instal with no leaks when done. You work smarter not harder.

Race Proven Performance. Devilsown self sealing fittings are very simple to instal for the outside of any tank, Drill a 7/8” hole in a flat section away from any seams if there are any. Simply slide our fitting in the tank and hand tighten it. The other manufactures require you to instal from the inside of the tank. Our bulk head fitting is engineered not to work loose over time.

Heavy Duty Quality. Our metal bulk head filters are made of Aluminuim with T304 stainless steel wire cloth filter. Our cone shaped screen is placed outward against the flow of the water/methanol mix, so it deflects the debris that would clog or damage components of the methanol injection kit. By forcing the debris to the gasket area, the filter will naturally remain clog free. Also, our filter captures and gets rid of the debris, helping extend the life of your systems components.

Application. These filters work on all tanks up to ½” thick. Don’t compromise, expect the best.

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-4AN metal tank tap

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