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Simply convert your system to a 2-stage injection. The included solenoid valve can be controlled by your ECU on a tuner kit or boost switch unit for others and activate an additional nozzle in the high Boost/load range.


At low engine load (low boost pressure), a smaller primary nozzle can be used to inject earlier, and a higher injection quantity can be made available by the second stage at high engine load state (peak boost pressure).

Kit contents

  • Solenoid Valve incl. Fittings
  • Push T-Connector or AN4
  • Push Nozzle Holder or AN4
  • 3ft Nylon hose (8" + 12" AN4 stainless option)


  •        Boost switch
  •         Nozzle size
  •         Nozzle holder style

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Dual Stage kit

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