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How Can Water-Methanol Injection Boost Fuel Economy?

More power is typically developed from a given amount of diesel. Simply put: The more fuel you add to a diesel, the more power you make. Methanol is an additional source of fuel, and water adds power via the “steam effect.” You are replacing expensive diesel with inexpensive water or water-methanol. In fact, with a diesel, if you are using winterblend windshield washer fluid that costs £1.82 a gallon and diesel is at £6.46 per gallon, you can quickly make a saving. Example> typical 4x4 over 500miles that averages 25mpg using a 30% meth mix will save £27.86.

When water/methanol injection is used in a petrol engine the combined fuel behaves like 120 octane. A high octane rating doesn't really provide an increase in power. However, it permits an engine to produce more power. An increase in MPG is an indirect result of leaning out the fuel and advancing the ignition timing.

The water/methanol injection is best used with a customizable engine remap. This would enable the ignition to be advanced (about 5-15 degrees) and stoichiometry to be leaned out to 12.0 to 12.5 at wide open throttle. Different cars will have different results, plus some modern cars have ECU's which will make most adjustments as standard. (5-15% est).

To realize maximum fuel economy, water-methanol injection should take place as soon as possible and not just at high engine load states. This is the basis for the MPG-Maximiser system. This system utilizes a PROGRESSIVE CONTROLLER for activation, it reads the signal from a built in 2.5 Bar map sensor which converts boost into an electrical signal, allowing the user to start flow at 15% from as low as 3psi boost and then ramp the flow upto 100% from as low as 5psi boost allowing you to create a very linear flow for maximum MPG.

Don’t buy a knock-of brand kit with cheap parts for you beloved car, unlike many other brands the Devils pump (Shurflo 8030 series) can run 100% methanol or alcohol as it's chemical resistant or run dry without getting damaged with its EPDM /Nylon valves, Santoprene diaphragm, and adjustable peek pressure from 150 to 300psi. It can also prime itself up to 8ft, so unlike others it doesn’t have to be gravity feed making a lot easier to mount, very handy when space is an issue. This kit only uses the highest quality parts.

Many people ask 'Does the kit come with a tank', No, the simple reason for this is as 90% of people just use the cars standard windscreen washer bottle.

We do though strongly recommend our 2.5 or 6 gallon tanks, so if your a high mileage user you won't need to constantly refill the tank, typically the 2.5 gallon tank will last 5-600 miles.

The system can give up to a 20% increase in MPG, reduce EGTs by 300 degrees and boost both horsepower and torque.

This kit will fit any supercharged or turbocharged diesel/petrol engine etc.

Kit Contents:

  • 300psi Pump with EPDM seals
  • Allen key can be used to adjust water pump pressure
  • Progressive Controller
  • 15' of High Pressure Black Tubing
  • Injector (please supply engine cc & max boost + rpm so we can supply appropriate sizes).
  • Nozzle Holder
  • Heavy duty Nickel plated Check Valve
  • filtered self-sealing tank tap
  • All fittings needed for installation
  • Inline Fuse Holder with 10 amp fuse
  • Zip ties and wire splices and connectors
  • Install Instructions with stickers.

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