Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does alcohol/water injection work?

By injecting a fine spray of alcohol/water into the inlet air stream of the engine, the charge air is dramatically cooled and the effective octane of the fuel is raised. Both help to eliminate detonation — the enemy of any engine, especially those using today's lower octane fuel under boost.

2. How much timing and/or boost will i be able to increase with water methanol injection?

There is no rule of thumb on how much  timing or boost can be increased when running water methanol injection system.  Each engine will react to it differently. In general  most engines you can usually run the equivalent  boost and timing of your  100 octane tune.  While on  pump gas and with a  50/50 mix of water methanol.

3. Can alcohol/water injection damage my motor?

Not if installed and used properly. As long as the injection system is working properly, it can only do good things. Since the alcohol will dissolve carbon buildup, It will help keep your plugs, valves, and combustion chambers very clean.

4. My turbo/supercharged engine runs standard boost, would alcohol/water injection increase the horsepower?

Alcohol/water injection will not increase the power usually. However, in areas where the ambient temperature is very high, injecting alcohol/water mixture will lower the inlet charge temperature and this will help produce a power increase.

5. Do your kits come with a tank?

All of our kits ship without a tank, but include the fittings to convert your existing washer tank for use with our system. Additional tanks can, however, be purchased separately here on this site. We want to let you have the options of what size tank if you need one.

6. I would like to increase my power output by increasing the boost pressure. Would alcohol/water injection help then?

It all depends, if you have good quality fuel and the ambient temperature is not too high you can normally get away with 2-3 psi of boost increase without using alcohol/water injection and will not run into detonation problems. On the other hand, if you DO NOT have good quality fuel, the ambient temperature is high, or there is a slight tendency for engine knock, then alcohol/water injection or a bigger intercooler is essential.

7. What kit should I get, Stage 1 or Stage 2?

Our DevilsOwn Stage 1 "Base" injection kit incorporates a boost switch that activates the system at a specific PSI. It’s adjustable from 2-10 psi or 6-30psi, but you can run up to 250 PSI through the switch, so it’s very reliable. This system will turn on at a level you set and stay on until you drop below that level. It’s On/Off. It can’t dial in exact flow, but it can get you within a range.

DevilsOwn Stage 2 "Progressive" kits offer high functionality and performance, the ability to vary the flow based on inputs (maf, map, tps, ait, any 0-5v source). Most users run it off of separate GM style map sensor if there car does not already have a map sensor. With the Stage 2 Kit you set a starting boost and a full boost and the system will progressively adjust the flow between those two points.

Both styles work. We tell our customers that if budget is the primary concern, get the base injection kit. If you have a little more money to spend or want something with more user control, the progressive kit is worth it.

8. How much alcohol/water do I need spray?

Most cars should aim for 15% of their total fuel flow. Some more extreme setups run as much as 25% of their total fuel flow.

9. What liquid should i run in this system?

We recommend DevilsOwn Brew, our proprietary methanol blend. Not only does methanol improve your fuel quality, it will also give you a better intercooling effect in the inlet tract.

Denatured alcohol can be used but we strongly advise our customers to use methanol for better, more consistent performance.

10. What is the maximum alcohol/water ratio your system can handle?

The wetted components in the pump head are chemically compatible with 100% methanol and denatured alcohol. Components are engineered to withstand 100% mixtures for the normal expected life of the product. We recommend not running more than 50/50 mix of water and methanol or other alcohol blends, to reduce the risk of fire and improve consistency and performance.

11. Does the water "burn" in the engine?

No. The water simply converts from a vapor to a gaseous state which absorbs huge amounts of heat, due to the energy required to transform it.

12. What supporting upgrades are required for alcohol/water injection?

At minimum, your vehicle should have some sort of engine management that can be tuned, for example, the ability to adjust timing, boost, and fuel curves to compensate for the octane boost and cooling effects, and the ability to take advantage of the adjustments to make power.

You can run alcohol/water injection on a stock car with tunable engine management. It is not necessary to have after-market intakes, exhausts, intercoolers, or strengthened internals. However, with supporting mods that already increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine, more power can be made.

13. Has my order shipped?

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14. Why not use a windshield washer pump?

Alcohol/water must be injected at above 50psi to properly atomize. Pressure lower than 50psi causes greatly reduced air charge cooling as the result of larger droplets and their reduced total surface area.

15. How do I track my order?

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16. My order is missing parts.

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17. When will my backorder arrive?

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24. Do you ship to my country?

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25. What are my payment choices?

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26. I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.

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27. What temp does X% of methanol freeze at?

100% Methanol is good to -100 degrees F
50/50% of Water /Methanol is good to -68 degrees F
75/25% of Water/Methanol is good to -25 degrees F

28. What is the brass piece with the tank tap?

Insert the brass piece into the tubing before inserting the tubing into the tank tap. This is used for tube support.

29. Which nozzle do I have?

All nozzles sizes are listed on the side of the nozzle. The numbers on the side are the gallons per hour. 

30. How do I install the nozzle?

Using an 11/32” drill bit, drill a hole at the selected location. If drilling through thicker metal like a throttle body or an intake manifold, use a 1/8” NPT tap. If going through thinner material, the nozzle can sometimes just thread right into it. Alternatively, you can have a 1/8” NPT bung welded in at any exhaust shop.

31. How do I install my nozzle into the nozzle holder?

Insert the filter side into the nozzle holder. The nozzle should turn by hand 1/2 way, then only need another 1-2 turns with a wrench to achieve a leak free seal.

32. Can I mount my pump higher than my tank?

We recommend mounting your tank at the same level as the tank, or below the tank.

33. Where can I mount my pump?

The pump can be mounted at any angle. Make sure to mount the pump away from heat, moisture/liquid and road debris.

34. How can I mount a nozzle into silicone tubing?

When mounting a nozzle into silicone tubing, a nozzle mounting adapter would be used.

35. Can I clean the filter on the nozzle?

The filter can be cleaned by simply removing the screen off the nozzle then soaking it in some lime away for about 15-30 min. Make sure to rise the nozzle to remove the chemicals.

36. How do I remove the blue tabs out of the pump?

Push down on the collar around the blue tubing. Then slightly pull on the tabs.  Pushing down on the collar allows the fiting to let go of the tubing.

37. Can I use windshield washer fluid?

Yes you can use regular blue winshield washer fluid.


Recommended fluid to be used with our alcohol injection system:


Methanol M100, Grain alcohol
Ethanol E100, Denatured alcohol
-20 to -30 windshield washer fluid
Rubbing alcohol
Distilled water


DO NOT use the following at anytime in the system


VP brand M3 and M5 methanol
Any type of windshield washer fluid containing glycol. “De-Icer”
Tap water

38. What is the freezing point of methanol alcohol mixed with water?

Take your Methanol \ Water Mixtures Concentrate to determine the freezing point of your mixture. Winter is here and you should make sure your not going to have a freezing's problem with your water methanol injection system.

Methanol Information

Methanol (METHYL ALCOHOL) Concentrate
Vol.% ---Freezing Point,F ---Flash Point,F

0----------32f--------No Flash
13---------20f --------130f
24---------0f ---------110f
46 --------40f---------85f

Other tid bits about methanol:
Boiling Point: 147F,64C
Melting/Freezing Point: : -144F,-98C
Vapor Pressure: 760 Vapor Density: 1.1
Specific Gravity: 0.8

39. Does methanol go bad?

Yes methanol does go bad. It naturaly will absorb moister out of the air if its not in a sealed container. You should always store methanol in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

40. Who would benefit from water/meth injection?

Everyone! With the chemical intercooling and octane increase, you can run more boost, more timing, and leaner AFRs, all which lead up to more power. You could easily run 1-2 more PSI, 2-3 degrees more timing, and AFRs in the 11.5-12:1 range, while having a "safer" tune