Best Water Injection Nozzles

You know everyone likes to always run around and talk about how their products are better.  No proof just my x is better than your y.  Noticed x and y was used because many times apples are being compared to oranges.   For instance, Devilsown system being compared missing the check valve that comes prepackaged with it.  Against say a system that has optional solenoid that’s being included in the testing.

The ONLY variable in this testing show below was swapping of nozzles for the equivalent size nozzle. Not our smallest verse their largest etc.  Same size, same cc-mil/ min, same fluid, same temps, etc. We were lucky enough to have a university flow a total of 35 nozzles for us.  Some of our competitors out there will tell you there nozzles will provide 10 microns. Ask them at what pressure.  For shits and giggles I had them run the pressure up to see how much pressure it takes. They had to use  a lot more pressure "over 1000 psi" to achieve 10 microns as claimed.

 Some competitors will tell you to flip the nozzles up and compare how long it takes for the droplets to fall or how far up they go.  Well nozzle cone pattern does have some to do with that.  In this business they vary from 60-85 degrees. Might sound like fun but we got free access to a very expensive machine.  Ultimately using a laser partial counter we now know how many droplets in a sample are a given size.   Not just ours work better as you hear from the other guys out there. 

It’s all in the droplet and it has something to do with why many people pick up 5 extra HP by simply swapping to our nozzles.  This is why we call our nozzles micro droplet and we provide you the info to prove it.

Tommy Johnson Jr NHRA  Drag racer and host of Performance Tv "They really do have the best nozzles in the industry"

methanol nozzle compare flow chart