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Posi-Lock Connectors

When it comes to installing electrical components a loose wire can cause all sorts of problem. We supply all our kits with Posi-Lock Connectors to ensure electrical contact is made that is vibration and tugging resistant. Don't let cheap electrical connections be your weakest link. Demand the best Posi-Lock connectors.

(from a Supplier Review) Note: Regular Posi-Lock Products install the same way as the small cap of the Posi-Tap. Note: Larger Posi-Locks require 1/2" of stripped wire, and smaller ones require 3/8" of wire to be stripped. These photos show a Posi-Tap 1824, which requires 3/8" stripped on the tapping wire only. The tapped wire is not stripped.


Here is a side view showing the point that pierces the wire for the tap. Remove this large cap and the smaller cap. Start by inserting fully the wire to be tapped as shown in the next photo below.




Slide the large cap over the wire as far as it will go. Here, the wire to be tapped is inserted and ready to tap.


Here the tap is started carefully onto the threads of the large cap. Make sure the pin is centred on the wire when the pin contacts the wire. Keep the Posi-Tap straight to do this.

Continue to thread by hand until the wire is tightly tapped. Now, complete the Posi-Tap install, by stripping and installing the tapping wire, as shown below. Regular Posi-Lock Install - Posi-Tap Continued



First, carefully strip the wire the proper amount depending on the Posi-Product. Be careful not to nick or cut any strands!


Tip: Even on a decent wire stripper as shown here, it's easy to break or nick a wire if you're not careful. I usually choose the next larger size to strip, which avoids nicking a wire. You might want to practise stripping if you haven't done it before. Many kinds of low cost strippers will do a job if you are careful.

I use a Patco Thermal Wire Stripper, which makes it easier and faster to get perfect stripping every time. I always inspect each strip with a 10x loupe after stripping. If you cut a wire strand, you should cut the wire off and strip it again.


Unscrew the cap and insert the wire end. Be careful to get all the strands through the cap.



Tweak the strands to one side with your thumbnail.

Insert the wire strands into one side of the metal core.

Push and turn until the threads catch, then screw in tightly by hand - make sure the wire does not slip back in the cap


Note - on large Posi-Locks I finish tightening with a pair of pliers. Be careful not to strip the threads.

On the small Posi-locks tighten firmly by hand, but if you are very stong, you can strip the threads so don't overtighten the small Posi-Locks.

With the larger Posi-Locks you can tighten very firmly with a pair of pliers to finish the job.

Completed Posi-Tap Install

Tapped wire after removal.

Backside of tapped wire. Other Posi-Lock Products install the same way as the small cap of the Posi-Tap. Smaller Posi Products require 3/8" stripped, larger products require 1/2" stripped.